Fidora Pinot Grigio "Amphora" (orange) (Veneto, Italy)

It has hints of dry/ripe fruits as peach, apricot and nuts, forest floor and earth notes while still remaining fresh. Its complex bouquet will benefit from decanting

Grapes are single vineyard and grown Biodynamically. It is a selection of the best Pinot grapes of the vintage.

After handpicking the grapes are de-stemmed and fermented in Italian Terracotta Amphorae. Fermentation occurs using only the ‘indigenous’ yeast

from the vineyard’s own terroir.
Once fermentation is complete the Amphorae are sealed and the wine will mature withits skins macerating for around 4 months. Racked a month before bottling without any filtration or the use of fining agents, therefore the wine may contain sediment.

Zero sulphites were added.



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